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Bradenton Herald: What’s there to do when you are 90 years old? It was a zip lining trip for this Bradenton woman

Susie Zipline

Susie Rutledge was beaming with her own internal sunshine on a rainy Friday morning at Bradenton’s Freedom Village as the 90-year-old recalled her recent exploits, proving that you are never too old to experience adventure and conquer your fears.

Freedom Village has a “Wish of a Lifetime” program that residents can sign up for and the independent living facility will make it happen if at all possible.

Rutledge’s wish of a lifetime? To go zip lining.

“I’ve been terrified of flying most of my life,” Rutledge said. “It took me awhile to get over it but I made up my mind because there is too much of the world that I wasn’t seeing. … I finally made it. I figured zip lining out there with nothing under me would be the true test that I had really gotten over it and I did.”