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How to Talk To Parents About Assisted Living

an adult daughter talking to her mother about assisted living

It can be difficult to talk about assisted living with aging parents, particularly if they’re moving from a long-time house. There are many articles that talk about “how to convince a parent to go to assisted living,” but most adult children don’t want to cajole their parents into a move they’re not comfortable with. They want their parent to see the benefits of added support and make it a mutual decision.

How to Know if Your Parent Could Benefit from Assisted Living

Before you begin the conversation, be sure your parent would really benefit from the services in an assisted living community. There are some key indicators to look out for. If their commitment to their appearance or their personal hygiene has diminished recently, if they’re not eating healthy foods or cooking much less than usual, the kind of targeted support they would receive in assisted living might be very helpful. If they have trouble managing their finances, remembering medications and taking the right dosage, keeping up with housework, or getting from place to place, the specialized assistance in assisted living would be just the right fit.

How to Talk to Parents About Assisted Living

It’s important not to be too forceful with your parent when suggesting a move. Especially if they’re reluctant, you may want to introduce the idea gradually. Here are some practical suggestions to considerately broach the topic.

Start Casually

Bring up the idea in everyday conversation. Ask for their initial impression. If you’re worried about their safety or happiness, speak with them about your concern. You can say things like, “I’m worried about you, and I want to be sure you have the right support.” Let them know that you’re bringing up this idea because you want the best for them.Don’t expect to convince them to move in the initial conversation. Often people need to come to a decision in their own time. Be patient.

Provide the Facts

Ensure your parent knows what a modern assisted living community offers. There are some lingering misconceptions about community life — that it’s just like a nursing home, that there’s no privacy, that they’ll be stuck there. In great communities like Freedom Village of Bradenton, residents get to set their own schedule; they receive only the help they need; and the support is designed to keep them active and independent, not to encroach on their freedom. It is not the same experience as the round-the-clock care provided in skilled nursing. It’s vibrant and welcoming community life with added support.

Get Firsthand Information

Find out if your parent has any friends who already live in an assisted living community. If they do, speak with them. Discover what they like about living there and what ultimately persuaded them to make the move. You could ask to meet with some of their family members to get their perspectives as well.If possible, ask your parent’s friend to speak with your parent. It can be very enlightening to talk with someone who has been in the same position. If you don’t know someone in assisted living, you can contact a community and speak with them about common experiences or ask if you can speak directly with one of their residents.

You’re not looking for “how to convince your parent to move to assisted living.” You want evidence that moving is the right decision, and you want your parent to come to that conclusion with you. At Freedom Village of Bradenton, our friendly team of experts helps with everyday tasks, so that your parent can focus on what matters to them. If you’d like to know more about quality assisted living in Bradenton, FL, let us know. We would be more than happy to answer any questions.