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Elevate the Look of Your Senior Apartment Balcony with These Design Ideas

A senior man and senior woman sit in rocking chairs enjoying the sunny windows

Decorating ideas for a balcony you’ll love to use

Turn your outdoor space into an enjoyable oasis

Have you ever considered that your balcony can serve as another “room” in your apartment home? This is especially true in Florida, where you can get outside to enjoy fresh air almost every day of the year. A balcony can be used for almost any desired purpose, from a reading nook or a place to enjoy your morning coffee to a people-watching perch. The choice is yours and, with the balcony design ideas in this blog post, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your balcony into your new favorite space.People tend to spend more time in a space that’s comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, and the best designs always start out with a plan. Begin by taking into account the space you have available and how you’d like to use it. Then consider what kinds of furnishings and decor you’ll need to meet your goal.

Play around with colors, patterns and textures

When designing any room, it’s important to maintain visual cohesion. However, that doesn’t have to mean repetition of only one color, pattern or texture. Just like choosing home décor for any room, choosing colors and textures that contrast while simultaneously complementing each other will make your space feel both interesting and inviting. Not sure what colors are complementary? Consult a color wheel — easily found online — or ask an expert at your local home furnishings store for some decorating ideas. Carefully mixed patterns can attract and move the viewer’s eye without feeling busy or overwhelming. Consider a combination of textures like canvas, wood and metal to give your balcony a modern vibe.

Comfortable seating

Comfortable seating is essential to any outdoor space. If the seating is uncomfortable, even the most beautiful space will lose its appeal. Outdoor furnishings come in a variety of durable materials, including resin, teak, wicker, plastic and wrought iron, that can withstand the elements. Depending on the intended use of your space, lounge chairs or a small outdoor love seat are both comfortable and practical options.

Chair cushion covers and throw pillows

Cushions are a great way to add an additional layer of comfort to your furniture while also adding a colorful touch. Chair cushions can easily be changed to suit the color scheme of your balcony design, coordinate with seasonal decorations or update your space. And don’t forget to add a couple of throw pillows. Today you can find pillows in almost any color or design and in fabrics made for outdoor use. They’re an easy, inexpensive way to give your balcony a cozy and inviting feel or a quick refresh.

Add a small table

Enjoying a meal on your balcony is a wonderful treat, and with a small table, your balcony can serve as a breakfast, lunch, or supper nook with fresh air and sunshine to complement your meal.

Outdoor rugs

Rugs can brighten up a space, regardless of whether it’s inside or outdoors. Choosing a patterned rug can tie your space together, promoting a sense of cohesion, while also accenting the colors and textures of contrasting décor and textures. And with today’s variety of indoor/outdoor rugs and materials, you can enjoy a rug that feels just as comfortable underfoot as your indoor rugs.

Add curtains

While traditionally considered an element of indoor décor, curtains on a balcony can provide privacy, frame your space, and contribute to the mixture of  textures and patterns. Just make sure they’re sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Mosquito nets are an option that can be attached and pulled back like curtains during the day, while providing pest protection at night so you can enjoy your balcony without the bug bites. Just make sure you’re permitted to install them on your balcony before putting them up.


You don’t have to limit use of your balcony to daytime hours. By adding lights to your outdoor space, you can enjoy it any time of day or night. Consider adding bistro lights to the perimeter of the ceiling, a lamp on your table, or battery-operated LED candles for a warm glow without the fire hazard. Soon you’ll have a beautiful place to relax in the evenings or entertain guests.

Creative storage

While it’s always helpful to make the most of your space, it’s especially important on a balcony, where storage may be limited. Using creative storage solutions can help you keep your outdoor space practical, versatile and clutter-free. A storage ottoman, a small table with drawers, or even a rolling cart with multiple levels can all provide convenient storage that’s not only useful but beautiful.

Flowers and foliage

Plants and flowers have a way of tying a room together, be it a living room or a bedroom — and they can do the same for your balcony. By adding a leafy palm or some hardy geraniums, you can turn your balcony into a lively oasis. Just remember: Before you choose your plants, be sure to pay attention to how many hours of sun your balcony gets during the day. Whether you have sun all day or are mostly in the shade, your plants and flowers will thrive when located in an environment suited to their needs.

Customized pots/planters

While you’re adding plants, why not choose a beautiful planter that complements your decorating scheme? Unique containers add another layer of interesting detail to your balcony and come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Plus, adding pops of color or variation in planter materials will increase visual interest and bring your space to life.

Hang window boxes on railings

If you’re worried that plants will take up too much space, you might consider window boxes hung from a balcony railing to save floor space. Window boxes can also make perfect mini-gardens for anything from flowers to herbs. Just be sure to check the rules that apply to your apartment home so you’ll know if window boxes are permitted and, if so, how they must be hung.

Vertical herb garden

If you’ve got a green thumb that’s just itching to garden, a vertical garden is not only a space-saving option, but also will provide wonderful visual interest and maybe even some fresh veggies to enjoy. You can find instructions and plans on the internet that’ll show you how to build your own vertical garden, or you can purchase one ready-made from your local home improvement store or garden center.We’ve given you a lot of balcony design ideas, but the most important tip is to focus on creating a balcony you’ll feel comfortable on and love using, so you’ll get the most out of every inch of your outdoor space.

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