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The Importance of Spirituality as We Age

happy senior woman practicing spirituality

When most people think about wellness, they often think of physical or emotional wellness. While taking care of our minds and bodies are two very important parts of a holistic lifestyle, spiritual wellness can also have a profound impact on our overall health.

Discover the importance of spiritual wellness as you age, and learn tips from our experts at Freedom Village of Bradenton on how to enhance your spiritual growth during retirement. 

What Is Spiritual Wellness?

Spiritual wellness means living by a set of beliefs, morals, principles, and values that give your life meaning and purpose. It’s the act of looking beyond your physical being and connecting to something greater. Many people find this connection through religion, meditation or nature.

Spirituality is a lifelong practice that focuses on the connection within ourselves, our communities and a greater sense of purpose. It drives our inner belief system and helps us decide what we truly value in life.

The Benefits of Spiritual Wellness

Most research on the benefits of spiritual wellness is relatively new, but studies have shown that everyone can benefit from strengthening this essential dimension of a holistic lifestyle. 

Look at how your life can improve by cultivating your spiritual growth:

Reduce stress.

Using your energy to focus on spiritual activities that help you practice mindfulness is a great way to reduce stress and stay positive. Setting aside a few moments during the day to meditate or reflect on your spirituality can help you feel less overwhelmed in stressful situations, and help you let go of negative feelings that aren’t serving your greater purpose.

Decrease feelings of anxiety and depression.

Improving spiritual wellness changes your attitude and behavior in a way that helps you reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, because it provides you with a regularly renewed sense of hope. Even when the road is long, spirituality provides an unwavering resource of comfort and support. 

Make stronger social connections.

There have been several studies that show regular religious or spiritual involvement is linked to larger and more stable social networks. Keep in mind that spiritual activities don’t always have to be religious services. Connecting with other people during a peaceful hike, attending a yoga class, or volunteering are all great ways to foster your spirituality and build meaningful relationships.  

Indulge in more meaningful travel.

An unexpected benefit of spiritual wellness for seniors is more enjoyable travel. Older adults who travel to boost their spiritual growth experience greater levels of self-transcendent emotions and an increased sense of well-being. Spiritual seniors who travel also report their adventures provide a greater sense of meaning to their lives and help them reflect more positively on the meaning of life. 

Activities to Improve Your Spiritual Wellness

Everyone’s spiritual practice looks a little different, and there’s no one way to find a deeper connection with something greater than yourself. The best way to find out what works to cultivate your spirituality is by trying new activities, repeating the ones that feed your soul, and leaving behind those that don’t.

Here are spiritual wellness activities that might work for your routine during retirement:

Take a mindful walk in nature.

As you walk, feel the ground beneath your feet, the air on your skin, and hear the sounds of nature that surround you. For an extrasensory experience, take a barefoot walk on the beach.

Have a conversation with yourself.

This is called exploring your spiritual core. Ask yourself questions about the person you are, the person you want to be and what gives you purpose. These questions can lead you on a journey toward self-discovery and fulfillment. 

Try yoga or dance.

Synchronizing your breath and movement helps you enter a state of flow, which is when you’ve achieved complete focus on a single activity. Plus, dancing with intention or completing a yoga flow allows you to release your emotions and ease anxiety.

Attend a church service.

There’s nothing like sharing your passion for spiritual wellness with your friends and family at a church service. Along with attending your regular service, try a service during a different day of the week or different time of day to meet other members of your congregation, or ask to tag along with a friend to experience service at a new church. 

Get creative.

Spirituality can present itself in many ways. Celebrate and cultivate your spiritual wellness by creating a beautiful painting, cross-stitching your favorite proverb, or even baking holiday cookies for your neighbors. 

One of the biggest benefits of improving spiritual wellness is that it also has a positive impact on other key dimensions of wellness – including emotional, physical and social dimensions. So the next time you work on cultivating your spiritual growth, reflect on how it could also strengthen other areas of your life. 

Enhance Your Spiritual Wellness at Freedom Village of Bradenton

With services and amenities like an arts and crafts studio, community rose garden, chapel, energizing volunteer projects, and group fitness classes – including yoga – there  are opportunities to enhance your spiritual wellness around every corner at Freedom Village of Bradenton. To learn more about our community or schedule an in-person tour, contact our senior living representatives online. We’ll be in touch shortly!