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How Much Space Do I Need When I Move into a Retirement Community?

senior couple packing to move into a retirement community

Deciding how big your home should be when you’re moving into senior living comes with different considerations than when you purchase other property. If you’re looking through floor plans for an independent living home and wondering how much space you really need, here are some helpful questions to make the decision easier.

How Big Should Your Home Be? Answer These Questions to Help You Decide:

How many people are moving into your new residence?

At many senior living communities, one or two people can move into a residence of any size. For one person, a studio or a one-bedroom senior apartment will likely suit just fine. Two people can be comfortable in a one-bedroom, but many choose to look at two- or three-bedroom apartment or even a villa to give themselves some extra space.

How comfortable are you with downsizing?

Some older adults look forward to the prospect of reducing the number of their belongings when moving into senior living. They can sell, donate, or pass down items they’ve loved so the item can benefit someone else. Some new residents even buy all new furniture to suit their senior apartment or villa.However, the majority of seniors will downsize — or rightsize, if you prefer — many of their belongings, but still have pieces they love and want to keep. If there are larger pieces of furniture you want to move to a new residence, these pieces may help determine how big your house should be. Pro tip: You can use graph paper to draw the floor plans you’re considering. Then cut shapes to scale that represent the furniture you’d like to bring and move them around the floor plan to figure out where they could fit in your senior apartment or villa.

What are your storage options?

Ample storage can make you feel much more comfortable in your new residence. Consider the closet space in your current apartment. You likely won’t need nearly as many cleaning supplies as you’re used to because you’ll have regular housekeeping service. Additionally, you won’t need as many pots and pans because you’ll have daily meals prepared for you by a professional chef. With roomy closets and smart organization, you’ll likely be able to find room for each of your belongings, but some senior living residents choose to rent a small storage unit for items they don’t need very often, like seasonal decorations.

What kind of amenities will you enjoy at the community?

When considering how big your house should be, remember that the whole senior living campus will be yours to enjoy. Depending on your preferences, you may not be in your independent living home very often. You may be using the fitness center, reading in the library, working in the business center, or walking the landscaped grounds.

Are there reservable spaces at the senior living community?

You may be used to hosting committee meetings or large family gatherings. At a senior living community, these considerations don’t have to dictate how big your house should be. Communities often have a private dining room or a community room you can reserve when you’re hosting a larger group. If you’re looking for an independent living home near Bradenton, Florida, explore the floor plans at Freedom Village of Bradenton. Our wide array of services and amenities enhance the experience of every senior resident.